We understand the time you have available for managing your finances is limited. With security, convenience and simplicity in mind, we have several services to make accessing and managing your account fast, safe and easy.

Touch Banking Mobile App

Use this free service to perform transactions on your account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, using your Android or iPhone. Before you download the App please make sure you're enrolled in CU-Online and have your user ID and security code (password) handy. Click here for easy to follow instructions.


Use this free service to perform transactions on your account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, using any computer with Internet access.


  • Pay bills online without ever having to write a check
  • Check on your share savings and loan balances
  • View and/or print share and loan history
  • Download your share and loan history to Microsoft Money or as Comma-Separated Values (Excel)
  • Transfer funds between share savings accounts
  • Cross transfer funds between two different accounts
  • Sign up for e-Statements and view/print your Account Statements Online
  • Make transfers to your WHFCU loan
  • Determine which checks or debit card transactions have cleared your account
  • View your checking account status
  • Verify your last deposit or payment
  • Request a check from your share savings account to be mailed to you

Call CU-24

When you need to get information about your account or perform transactions, simply pick up the telephone. Using Call CU-24, you can perform the same transactions you can do online but from any touch-tone telephone.

To sign up call 925-524-5000 option 4 or toll free 855-686-0813.


You can now sign up to have e-Statements through CU-Online rather than receive a paper statement in the mail! You can build up to 6 months of statement history online so you don't have to keep the big bulky paper files! Don't wait - click on CU-Online and sign up today!

Direct Deposit and Payroll Deduction

Time is precious, don't waste it coming into the Credit Union or going to the ATM to deposit your payroll check. Sign up to have it safely and conveniently deposited directly into your account.

Or, take advantage of payroll deduction to have a portion of your check deposited into your account. Check with your employer to see if these services are an option for you.

Visa Online

Members can review their WHFCU Visa card activity and make payments online.

VISA Debit Cards

A debit card can be used at ATMs plus anyplace Visa is accepted. This means you can get cash and make deposits at select ATMs or make purchases at the store. Deposits can be made in the ATM located at the credit union, plus any Bank of the West or CO-OP Network ATM. The CO-OP ATMs are typically found at other credit unions.