The Present

about history


Field of membership was changed to allow WHFCU to serve all healthcare businesses in Contra Costa, Alameda and Solano Counties.


As more healthcare related businesses were added to the field of membership, the Board of Directors initiated a name change to "Western Healthcare Federal Credit Union".


Regional Medical Systems, now American Medical Response (AMR) was officially added to the field of membership. Over the years, many other healthcare related businesses were added to the field of membership.


The credit union added John Muir Hospital to its field of membership.


Martinez Hospital was added to the field of membership. During this time the credit union's name was officially changed to "Western Hospitals Federal Credit Union".


Around this time Grace Ventrice was made the first Manager of the credit union. She served in that capacity for over 30 years before retiring.


Mr. Nicholas Ventrice, an employee of Pittsburg Hospital in Pittsburg, California felt that all employees of hospitals should have access to a credit union. Antioch Hospital and Concord Hospital was approached to determine their interest.

An organization meeting was held on July 10, 1953 and the Bureau of Federal Credit Unions, which later became the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), issued the charter to P.A.C. Hospital Employees Federal Credit Union.

Mr. Ventrice was appointed as the first Treasurer/Secretary and ran the credit union out of a shoebox. He would inform members that he would be in the cafeteria or a designated office to make withdrawals and deposits to their accounts. As the credit union grew, Mr. Ventrice asked his wife, Grace Ventrice to assist him with the bookkeeping. She set up a work area in their garage and members then come to the house to make deposits, withdrawals and loans.