Auto Loans

Loan Features

Today's healthcare employees are driven by their desire to help others. WHFCU shares in this desire, driven to help others in the pursuit of what they drive! Our loans feature:

  • 125% MSRP or 125% Kelley Blue Book value, terms and conditions apply
  • No obligation pre-approvals
  • No application fee or funding fee
  • Easy online application process
  • Automatic payment option
  • Refinance existing auto loans from other lenders

Multiple Payment Options

  • Automatic Payment—set up automatic transfers from your WHFCU checking or savings account so your loan payments are made on time every time, without worry
  • Payroll deduction—your payment can be electronically deducted directly from your paycheck for a credit to your loan on payday
  • Bill Pay—use online Bill Payment Service to automatically pay your loan
  • Transfer from other financial institution—arrange with your other financial institution to have loan payments electronically transferred each month

Whenever considering a large purchase, start by knowing what you can afford. A pre-approval tells others your financing is secure, giving you the green light to start shopping and confidence when negotiating your purchase price. Not to mention, a pre-approval can help speed up the entire purchase process. Even if you simply have a payment amount in mind, we can help you find a term and loan that will fit your budget. There are no application or funding fees, and you are never obligated to fund your pre-approved loan.

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