Estate, Retirement, and Inheritance Planning Services

This past year introduced some extraordinary challenges very few people would have anticipated in a lifetime. The arrival of COVID-19 in the states quickly took root and devastated our livelihood, endangered our wellness, finances, and way of life.

The impact of COVID-19 is far-reaching and deep, including stories here at the credit union of the financial turmoil suffered by families who were forced to deplete their retirement savings, and those of lost loved ones who were unprepared to leave their financial legacy behind leaving it to the court system to sort out.

Helping our members with estate, retirement and Inheritance planning matters are Samra Nelson, president of Living Trust Educators, and former WHFCU vice president, and her husband, Craig Nelson, founder and media educator with CU Plan.

Unlike a traditional investment advisor, Craig specializes in educating and informing members regarding the many unknown and exceedingly important pitfalls they will likely suffer in their retirement years. He challenges them to discover for themselves the best, most suitable planning tools that will help them achieve their long-term goals and objectives. Craig has worked in the greater credit union industry since in 1986 and has spent many years as an educator, both to his fellow financial professionals, and also to members of credit unions throughout California.

Samra is president of Living Trust Educators with CU PLAN, a registered, bonded and certified Legal Document Assistance Corporation. She partners with certified estate planning attorneys throughout the U.S. offering members a comprehensive review of their estate and legacy planning needs that could potentially save their family thousands in probate fees and excessive taxation. Samra’s extensive review is offered without fees and full estate plans are offered at approximately half of the typical cost of an attorney! Samra has been working in the credit union industry for more than 22 years.

We certainly hope you will find great value in what they offer and schedule time to meet with them to further discuss your financial future. They can be reached directly at (925) 524-5000, option 8.


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