With eStatements you can view, download, print, and save an electronic version of your statement that looks just like the paper version you receive by mail. There are many benefits to eStatements including:

  • Enhanced Security – electronic receipt keeps your sensitive account information from being lost or stolen in the mail, and eliminates the need for document shredding
  • Convenience – information is formatted to help you quickly find what you need, including links to view past statements for account research
  • Saves resources – helps preserve our natural resources

How to Get Started
Use the eStatements Enrollment page to sign up to receive your credit union account statements electronically. eStatements give you access to up to 12 months’ worth of account statements, so that you can view, print, or even save them to your local computer if you wish.

Sign up for eStatements through Online Banking
Once you login, choose the enrollment option you wish from the list at the bottom of the page. Enter your email address, then click Accept. You can immediately view your statements now, or return to your Online Banking home page at a later time and click the eStatements button on the main menu.

A notification email will be sent to you each month or quarter (depending on when you would normally receive your account statement). For security reasons, the statement itself will not be attached to the email; you must log in to Online Banking using your account number and password to view statements from our secure server

Login to Online Banking

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